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Pioneer DJM-750 Mixer in Stock today (Check the DJM-750 Vs. DJM-850 Video)

Pioneer DJ continues to bring innovation and unprecedented quality to their collection of great DJ products. Replacing the the DJM-700, the DJM-750 offers brand new effects section combining the Sound Color FX & Standard Beat FX into one section, but they didn't stop there.  They added the Boost knob to the mix to give you a total of over 100 different effects combinations on a mixer that comes in at $999.  One of the most commonly asked questions has been, "Which is better, the 750 or the 850?"  Here is our take on it. The DJM-850 has more features to offer over the DJM-750. The DJM-850 offers separate Sound Color FX on each channel, two Microphone inputs, Four Fader Starts & Traktor Pro 2 Support vs 1 FX section, 1 Mic Input and 2 Fader Starts.

At the $999 price point, the DJM-750 is certainly a lot of mixer for the money. For $500 more, the DJM-850 gets you the added features above to take your mixes to the next level...

Here is a side by side comparison of both the DJM-750 and the big brother the DJM-850

New Video 7/18/13 *
DJ Ty gives a rundown of the differences between the Pioneer DJM-750 and DJM-850


DJ Ty gives us an over view of the DJM-750

DJM-750 Features and Overview

Multitude of Features

  • Boost Color FX – The new Boost Color FX enables users to change the parameter of an effect with the varying rotation speed of the integrated controller knob. The degree of the selected effect is intensified (i.e. increase cut rate) the faster the knob is turned. The Boost Color FX knob can work on any of the integrated mixer effects and the feature includes four different types of effects, Filter, Crush, Noise and Jet.
  • Sound Color FX – The Sound Color FX offers four types of effects (Filter, Crush, Noise, Jet) for more creative mixing options. Users also have the ability to switch between Sound Color FX and Boost Color FX to match the music playing.
  • Beat Effect – The Beat Effect function presents 13 different types of effects (Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot, Vinyl Brake, Slip Roll, Roll, and Reverse Roll) that can be combined with Boost Color FX and Sound Color FX to create more than 100 types of effects for extremely original remixes.
Superior Sound Quality

  • 24bit/96kHz High-Performance USB Sound Card – The DJM-750 4-channel digital DJ mixer is designed with a built-in USB sound card that enables simultaneous input-output of stereo signals for up to four inputs/outputs2 with no deterioration in sound quality.
    • The sound card supports three different sampling rates (96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz) and ASIO/Core Audio standards, ideal for DJ play and music recording and production.
    • USB port, located on top of the mixer, enables quick connection of devices.
    • The signal output path from the mixer can be easily modified using its setup tool via a computer3.

  • Sound Quality Design – The mixer produces clear and powerful audio using high quality components such as a 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) and SEND/RETURN circuit parts, as well as a low-jitter crystal oscillator installed in the clock of its audio circuits, to deliver the most precise audio signals and accurate audio reproduction.
Additional Features

  • Professional inputs and output connections including Digital Master Output, XLR, Send/Return ports
  • Information from operation of the device's knobs and buttons is transmitted to external DJ software and effectors, etc. as a MIDI4 signal, with a “Full Ensemble MIDI” function built in to enable simultaneous control of this device and other external devices.
  • Each channel is equipped with a switch-type 3-band equalizer (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (+6dB to -∞dB).
  • Channel fader knobs and cross-fader knobs offer a “P-LOCK Fader Cap” applying a lock function to guard against accidental disconnection of knobs.
  • Auto Standby automatically senses active operation and the presence of input signals, switching to standby mode when a long period of input is not detected. is proud to be an Authorized Pioneer DJ Dealer

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