Thursday, July 18, 2013

Powered Speaker HQ. Sale Prices until 7/22/13

At we take great pride in choosing the best and most reliable gear to sell which is a task we take very seriously.  Construction of the cabinets, quality of sound, technology, warranty and a proven track record of success all go into consideration.   The following brands meet that criteria when it comes to active or self powered speakers.

You can feel confident with any of these options, and for a limited time buy them at amazing low prices.  

Check them out !

QSC with the self powered K Series, KW Series and KLA

JBL Professional with the PRX600, EON and VRX Line Array

ElectroVoice offers the ELX, ZLX and ZXA Powered Speakers 

Yamaha DXR and DSR active Speakers 

Cerwin Vega P Series Powered Speakers

Mackie has hit a home run with the DLM speakers.

We are inviting you to save big on any of these brands, all you need to do is call, email, use any of the social media connections to get a great price that is lower than Web prices. 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yamaha DXR Powered Speakers in stock! (coupon code)

Here at AGIPRODJ, a lot goes into the decision making process on which brands & products to carry for our customers.  A manufacturer’s product quality, sound, reliability, and reputation are some of the top factors we consider.  Yamaha is one of those brands, and we are proud to now offer the Yamaha DXR and DSR series of active powered loudspeakers to our offering.
With a history in music and performance going back more than 125 years the brand name of Yamaha should be synonymous with music and sound production.  To be honest, most people (this writer included) thinks of motorcycles, and maybe electronic pianos and keyboards but certainly not speakers when somebody says the name Yamaha.
In starting my research for this post, and for my own understanding of what Yamaha is as a brand, I started with Yamaha’s origin and their growth and evolution over the decades.  I won’t go into all of the details about the brand and products because my main focus is to tell you about the speakers.  But sometimes in order to understand a new product, it helps to take a peek at - and appreciate - the past. Here’s what we have learned that is very encouraging into considering Yamaha as a reliable brand:

Torakusu Yamaha builds his first reed organ in 1887, in 1900 Yamaha under the name Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd begins production of upright pianos.  In 1954 The Yamaha School of Music holds its first classes and paves the way to produce its first HiFi player and its first audio product.  In 1959 the Electone D-1 electric organ is first available to the public for home use, this paved the way for the digital keyboards of the 70's and 80's. In the mid 70's is when Yamaha starts to get into the sound and production side of things while still supporting the musical instruments. The PM-1000 professional console mixer is first available in 1974, followed by pre-amp and large rack mountable power amplifiers in 1976.

Through the 70's and 80's music studio and production products continue to be on the leading edge of technology introducing signal processors, digital sequencers, drum machines and the DMP7 Digital mixer in 1987. In early 2002 Yamaha acquires Steinberg Media Technologies and its line up of midi devises, software solutions and digital production tools.  In 2005 Yamaha introduces the TENORI-ON which is a musical instrument comprised of 256 LED keys to play sounds and notes.  (This looks to be the grandfather of the NI Maschine and the newer Ableton PUSH in my opinion)

In 2008 Yamaha acquires NEXO S.A which has been one of the leading manufacturers of sound reinforcement in Europe for over 30 years.  Known for incredible sounding line array speakers and dynamic signal processing the NEXO brand was the perfect strategic fit to elevate the Yamaha brand when it comes to speakers.
2010 the Yamaha DSR family of active speakers introduced FIR-X tuning which is a fancy way of optimizing the frequency and phase response while adjusting the time alignment between the high and low frequencies to bring you clarity and imagery not found in most traditional crossovers.  In other words, the Yamaha DSR series (and DXR series) sound incredible.  Morphing Yamaha’s great history with great engineering makes these speakers a great choice for DJ’s, bands, clubs, and a host of other applications.

2013 AGIPRODJ introduces Yamaha speakers to its loyal fans and customer base.  The price, sound quality, warranty, and durability makes these an easy speaker to recommend for nearly any application.  It’s fun to watch our staff get acquainted with new products & brands.  With Yamaha, there were lots of “Ooohs” and “Aaahs.”  The overwhelming consensus by all of us here is that Yamaha is on to something big, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

So how did Yamaha get into the loudspeaker market?  And why do these speakers matter?
Since Yamaha started developing professional audio equipment in the 1960’s, they set out to achieve the goal to always stay at the forefront of the technology curve. Drawing on decades of experience as a true industry innovator, they don't merely utilize cutting-edge technologies, they take the lead in creating them. With the express purpose of making the most powerful and reliable high-resolution speakers possible, a specialized team of Yamaha's most skilled engineers was assembled to examine, and improve on, every detail of loudspeaker design. We think they’ve done it.

This passion for innovation served as the impetus for an intensive collaboration with loudspeaker giant NEXO, adding their insight and expertise as an industry leader in touring-grade sound reinforcement to the development of the DSR, DXR and DXS Series speakers. As a result of working closely with NEXO's engineers at their state-of-the-art facility, the team adopted a new approach to some crucial aspects of these speakers’ design. The detailed analysis of the transducers, thorough testing of the enclosures' acoustic properties and optimized limiter setting all contributed to higher SPL delivered with stunning clarity and an unsurpassed level of reliability. By incorporating touring-grade technology into these speakers, Yamaha has succeeded in creating the most powerful and dependable high-performance, active loudspeakers...ever

Lets take a look at some of the speakers..  Limited time 10% off Coupon Code on all Yamaha DXR Powered Speakers 

The DXR lineup of speakers includes four 2 way active speakers and 2 Powered Sub woofers

DXR8 1100W 8" 2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker

DXR10 1100W 10" 2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker

DXR12 1100W 12" 2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker

DXR15 1100W 15" 2-Way Active Bass Reflex Speaker

Compact, high output active subwoofers that match perfectly with DSR and DXR full-range active loudspeakers

DXS12 12" 950W Active Subwoofer delivers 131dB 

DXS15 15" 950W Active Subwoofer delivers 132dB

The all-new DXS subwoofers deliver powerful yet focused low end reaching as low as 42Hz. The DXS Subs offer a fully optimized band-pass design combined with its powerful Class-D amplifier, long travel woofer, and formidable DSP to deliver a tight, impressive bass with outstanding depth and high power output.

The DSR Series of active loudspeakers takes portable active loudspeakers to the extreme limits of their potential. Designed through the application of advanced Yamaha digital and acoustic technologies perfected over several decades, DSR provides a listening experience that redefines high definition sound reinforcement. Offering four speaker options and one powerful 18" Subwoofer these high power speakers can meet almost any indoor or outdoor sound requirement.

agiprodj is proud to be an Authorized Yamaha Dealer.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ableton PUSH in stock and ready to ship!


Demand for Push was HIGH when these first launched.  Demand for them now is higher after being out of stock EVERYWHERE for 2 months.  These finally came back in stock today and we have plenty for everyone.  If you have been on the lookout for Push, look no further.  They are here!
agiprodj also has Push Bundles available.  CLICK HERE to check out Push with LIVE 9 
Standard and Push with LIVE 9 Suite.

Check out these videos from Winter NAMM with demonstrations of PUSH in action. is proud to be an Authorized Ableton Dealer


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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

4th of July Savings!

4th of July Sale starts TODAY !!
Use the following coupon codes to save big this 4th of July:
15OFFID4 save $15 off a $100 order or more
50OFFID4 save $15 off a $300 order or more
75OFFID4 save $15 off a $500 order or more
Use the code LIGHTMEUP350 to save $150 off the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350 during checkout
Shown at NAMM 2013, the Numark ORBIT Wireless DJ Controller is finally in stock and ready to ship
Here's a list of some HOT lights that are back in stock and ready to ship:

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

You really Should Tweak your Mac.

It is no secret that Serato Scratch Live users tend to be Mac users.  In a recent blog post from Rane, they explain how you can optimize your Mac to get the best glitch free performance possible.  This information may be of no use to some advanced Scratch live users but it is great information to share so we thought we would re post.

Quick Mac Optimizations for Live performance

by Shaun Whitcher

Have a big gig this weekend and want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch? One of the easiest ways to ensure everything goes right during your set is to adjust your Mac for live performance. Whether you’re new to the world of Mac computers or a Mac veteran, optimizing your machine for use with resource intensive audio applications is quick, easy and highly recommended. The following basic system adjustments will help keep your Mac running smoothly, efficiently and—fingers crossed—glitch free. 

disable the screen saver

Yeah, I know your computer warns you about shortening your display life, but it’s either that or shortening your DJ career. To be honest, I’ve had my screen saver off for years and my display is still going strong (knock on wood). Screen savers are pretty and all, but there are much more important tasks for your Mac to ‘think’ about than turning on a screen saver. While using resource heavy applications, any interruption the CPU is forced to deal with can result in an audio dropout, glitch or some other unpleasant surprise. Save your resources and disable your screen saver.

  • Open System Preferences by clicking the System Preferences icon on your dock.            
  • Click on Desktop & Screen Saver.
  • Adjust the ‘Start screen saver’ option to Never.

disable sleep options

If there’s one thing you never want your computer or hard drive to do, going into sleep mode during a performance is at the top of the list. It’s like falling asleep behind the wheel while going 90 MPH, but with a few hundred people in the car staring at you in horror. Save yourself the embarrassment and set your computer to never go to sleep.

  • Open System Preferences by clicking the System Preferences icon on your dock.
  • Click on Energy Saver.
  • Click on Power Adapter and adjust the Computer Sleep and Display sleep settings to Never.
  • In addition to the above sleep settings, turn off the below options: Put hard disk(s) to sleep when possible, Wake for network access, and Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep.

turn off airport and bluetooth

Browsing the Internet and checking Facebook while performing…..really? Not only is this a performance faux pas, it’s practically begging the computer gods for audio dropouts and other audible anomalies. Streaming audio through a low latency sound card requires uninterrupted USB communication between the operating system and audio device. Wireless and Bluetooth networking are notorious for interrupting USB communication and causing audio issues. You don’t have to turn these options off and never use them again, but it is in your best interest to turn them off before performing.

  • Click on the AirPort icon in the Apple Menu bar.
  • In the drop menu click Turn AirPort Off.

  • To turn off Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon in the Apple Menu bar.
  • In the drop menu click Turn Bluetooth Off.


Congratulations, you're done!

For advanced Mac optimizations, be sure to check out 'Advanced Mac Optimizations for Live Performance', coming soon."

If you are not using Serato Scratch Live yet you can choose any of the great Rane products to get you started on the path to becoming a superstar performing DJ.  It may not be just that easy as buying the hardware but it will certainly be great place to start. 

If you would like more information about the Scratch Live family of products check out any of the videos below.

RANE SL2, SL3 & SL4 Comparison

 Rane Sixty Two Performance Mixer

See the Rane Sixty Two-Z in action.  (filmed on location at the NAMM show) is proud to be an Authorized Rane Dealer, and one of the preferred vendors of the Serato Forum members. 

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