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Alfred from American DJ talks battery and wireless DMX lighting fixtures

In a recent email from American DJ as part of their NewsWave series Alfred Gonzales the national sales manager and honestly one of the nicest guys in the industry talks about how to “cut loose” from the traditional wires (both power and DMX) in your lighting set ups.  The team here at strongly recommend many of the Wifly and Mega Go products for uplighting and decor solutions.  If you would like to receive information directly from the ADJ family on audio and lighting products along with new product announcements and contests you can sign up for the NewsWave here!

Ask Alfred
Which Way For Wireless?

Just about every DJ is curious about wireless lighting today – and why not?  As our advertising for the new WiFLY series proclaims, wireless helps you “cut loose” your creativity by freeing you from the constraints of cables and power restrictions.  As someone who’s been a DJ all his adult life, I can’t tell you how much I wish they had wireless lighting when I was starting out!

So I’m not really surprised that a lot of people have been coming up to me and saying how happy they are that ADJ is offering them reliable wireless lighting. But some of the people who are congratulating us for coming out with the new WiFLY Series are asking if we’re still going to be selling the Go Series.

Our answer is “of course,” and I’ll tell you why. We’ll continue to sell the Go Series and the new WiFLY Series because they serve two very different DJ markets at two different, but budget-friendly, price points.

The big difference between these two wireless systems is that our WiFly Series has DMX, while our Go Series does not. Sometimes the set-and-forget Go Series with pre-programmed lighting effects is all DJs need—especially if they’re inexperienced with, or even intimidated by, DMX control. In this scenario, the affordable Go Series is the perfect solution, since it’s totally capable of creating a professional-looking lightshow all on its own.
In other cases, DJs have built their entire lightshow around DMX control, creating unique programs and having the same set of fixtures do radically different things at different times. For example, a DJ might use the same lights to create a subdued effect at the start of a wedding reception, then switch to a more elegant vibe when the bride and groom have their first dance, then go red-hot dance-club style when the reception shifts into full-blown party gear. This is where our more advanced WiFLY Series would come into play.

OK, so I’ve described the basic differences between our two wireless series, so let me tell you why I like them both.

Our battery-powered Go Series lets DJs “cut the cord,” so they’ll never have to worry about power connections. You can set these incredibly bright, feature-packed, lightweight units anywhere—even in places with no electrical outlets—and take your lighting designs to new levels of creativity, free from the restrictions of power requirements. Their rechargeable lithium batteries will last a good long time and keep your fixtures operating reliably at full force for the duration of your gig. 

With the Go Series, you’ll never have to sacrifice performance for the ultimate in mobility. Some of the awesome color-mixing fixtures in ADJ’s Go Series include the Mega Go Bar50 linear LED fixture, par can, Mega Go Flood Bar 19-inch linear LED fixture, Mega GoFlood Par low-profile LED par can, Quad Phase Go moonflower and Jelly Go Par64 LED wash fixture with glowing transparent case. DMX control is an option on these units, but DMX expertise isn’t required to operate them.
For more advanced users, our WiFLY Series takes lighting control to an even higher level by combining all the great benefits of lithium battery power with complete wireless DMX control. At the heart of the system are our WiFLY Transceiver and our WiFLY RGBW 8C Controller. The WiFLY Transceiver is really a transmitter and a receiver in one unit. It supports up to 16 different DMX 512 universes, and it will transmit at incredible distances of up to 500 feet with a clear sight line.

Now you know a whole lot more about which ADJ wireless lighting system is best for you. But you won’t be certain until you check out our Go Series and our WiFLY Series for yourself and see them in action. Free yourself and go wireless with ADJ!

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