Thursday, April 14, 2005

MIT Students Build USB Controlled LED Dancefloor

I guess some of the students were bored at MIT and decided to build a dance floor.

1,536 LEDs
128 square feet
4,096 colors
30 frames/second
20,000 hand-soldered connections

You can even email the dance floor!

Very cool!

Check Out their Video HERE! (28MB)Check Out their Video HERE! (5MB)

Check out the MIT website here. Complete with construction photos and a purpose statement.

Monday, April 04, 2005

1,000 People Dancing at a Silent Rave?

I came across this article about a rave promoter that gave all of his patrons headphones instead of using a traditional sound system.

Here Is The Article.
Here is what people at are saying about this.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

shure introduces new affordable wireless microphones

shure has introduced a new super-affordable wireless microphone line called the PGX. has added these exciting new products to our line or products.





we've sold a number of these units since they were announced at namm in january. mobile dj's and club dj's find these units affordable with the shure name to back them.

click on the model number above each each image to get more info.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

rane and gigskinz offer serato scratch live promotion - free gear!

rane and gigskinz have teamed up to offer free gear for a limited time.

if you purchase serato scratch live from a participating authorized dealer between february 1st and march 31st, 2005 rane will throw in a free gigskinz bag valued at $119, free!

the bag will fit control vinyl, laptop computer, scratch live interface box, patch cables and more.

contact or call him at 866-pro-mixx for more details.

learn more about serato scratch live at this discussion forum. launches new equipment discussion forums has launched two new fourms:

Pioneer DJ Gear Forum
Allen & Heath Xone Mixer Forum

along with our other user forums:

Rane/Serato Scratch Live Forum
Technics SL-DZ1200 Forum
Numark CDX Forum
Ecler DJ Mixer Forum

lots of great discussion from expert users. check em out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

video on its way

thanks for checking back.

i captured a bunch of video from namm last night. i hope to have some of it up sometime this evening.

video includes footage from:


thanks for your patience.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Friday, January 21, 2005

denon shows off new cd player faceplates

denon showed the highly anticipate faceplates for their extremely popular cd players the dn-s3000 and dn-s5000.

these face plates come in three different colors and are available in limited quantities. if you want em, get em fast.

gemini reveals now look and new turntable/cd hybrid

gemini is changing its look too. no "gemini girls" in the booth this year.
there were many new gemini products in the booth this year but the one that was the most interesting was the new cdt-05.

the unit pictured was not a working model.
this unit is supposed to let you play/scratch cds AND vinyl all on the same device.
no one knew for sure when this unit would hit the market.
we will be posting more on the new gemini products soon.

stanton brings new mixers, turntables, cd players and mp3 software to marketplace

stanton has totally revamped its look (image) and its product line.
new turntables, mixers, cd players and final scratch 2.

more on stantons new line to come soon.

rane and serato introduce new soundcard/mixer for scratch live

rane and serato have teamed up again to offer a cool new product that is geared toward the mobile market. the mp4 is a software/hardware bundle that includes a rack mouunted sound card.
here is the screen shot of the modified scratch live software.

here is a picture of the rack mount mixer/sound card. very cool!

the mixer/sound card is called the mp4. features include:

play one or two stereo 24-bit 48 khz usb audio channels
record one stereo 24-bit 48 khz audio channel
a-bus, 8-bus, master miz or mic usb record source selection
built-in usb ground isolation
high performance vca active crossfader
compact and mobile single rack space (1u) design
cue usb or analog souces with a high-quality headphone amplifier
separate eq and meter on each bus
two selectable phono/line stereo analog inputs
auxilary output with level control
xlr and 1/4" trs main outputs
internal universal power supply

some new features have been added to scracth live to be used with the mp4 they include:

seamless looping
jump to marker
improved pitch slider
"tap" speed adjustment contoller (pitch bend)
record source select
auto play crate (sequential or shuffle)

new urei 2-channel digital mixer w/ sampler

urei has a new 2-channel digital mixer w/ digital sampler coming out this march called the 1601S and we (justin and i) are extremely excited about it. check this out:

if this new urei mixer sounds as good as its bigger brother the 1620 then soundcraft is going to have another winner on its hands.
this mixer is SMOOTH. check out the specs here. will have this mixer available for sale sometime in march, 2005.
  • Two stereo channels with both phono and line level input, trim control and input clip LED (helps avoid distortion)
  • 3 band EQ (Low, Mid, Hi) on both channels providing full cut through to +6dB boost
  • Separate mic/line input with dedicated insert point and 2 band EQ
  • Input fader slope control and reverse facility
  • Comprehensive Aux/FX section with separate send/return levels and select options (attach external effects units)
  • Dedicated Booth and House outputs, provided on both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono connectors (club quality outputs)
  • Mono/stereo switching on both Booth and Master outs
  • Send-and-return FX loop (attach external effects units)
  • 80Hz HPF for removing turntable rumble (instantly cuts out feedback)
  • 10 segment input/output metering with peak hold (super clear monitoring)
  • Exciter section with frequency and mix controls (boost bad vinyl quality and scratches)
  • High quality 45mm user-replaceable crossfader with reverse and rotary curve control
  • 25mm user-replaceable monitor crossfader
  • Flexible headphone monitoring section, with level, EQ and master/cue switching (large and small backlit jacks easy to find in the dark and eq helps avoid deafening)
  • Session In & Out facility allow daisy chaining of mixers (for group session)
  • Control surface Anodic printed top panel. Legend won't wear off
  • Open battle are around main faders
  • Easy removed top panel by six screws to allow access to user serviceable parts
  • 2 bank 32 beat facility with 24bit/96kHz performance
  • Playback assignable to both channels
  • Write from Cue, Channels 1/2 or Master
  • 1-shot, loop and reverse playback modes
  • 25mm faders to control level and trigger playback
  • BPM lock indicator and backlit sample buttons
  • Footswitch option controls both sample banks

Thursday, January 20, 2005

we are at namm!

just a quick couple of pictures.

we got to the show late today and had a couple of big meetings.

i didnt have enough time to take all the pictures i wanted.
justin and i will make the rounds tomorrow.

we did stop by the pioneer booth for a few mintues. we got to play on the new djm-1000 digital mixer. msrp on this beast is $4k. will be available later this year (2005).

we touched the new cdj-2oo. cool player for sure.

its a cdj-100 on drugs. plays mp3s has emergency loop and beat cutter.

the efx-1000 is dope!

we got to see dj 2nd nature spin his set on the dvj-x1.

very cool to see it live. the dvj works well with the new djm-1000. the set up was cool. they had the dvj hooked up to the new djm-1000 and the edirol v4 video mixer and the pioneer a/b video switcher vsw-1. 2nd nature was hot. what a great combo of gear and dj/vj. check out dj 2nd nature here on the pioneer dvj.

justin met dj pulse at the pioneer booth.

pulse was kind enough to walk us through some of the new features on the djm-1000.

anyway, we will have way more for you on friday. we will be spending time at the many of the booths tomorrow including: rane, stanton, tascam, allen & heath, denon, apple, edirol, m-audio, gemini, american dj, chauvet, martin, jbl and many more.

thanks for checking us out and keep checking back.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

audio welcome from jason at on blogger

this is an audio post - click to play

welcome to on blogger

whats up?

justin and i from started this blog to bring you the latest dj information from the namm show in anaheim, ca.

we will be posting all kinds of info about the hottest new dj products to hit the market including pictures from our flickr acount and audio from our audioblogger account.

we will be shooting some video at the show and will get those clips up as soon as possible.

the namm show will be happinging this january 20-23, 2005 so keep checking back with us.

spin on!