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Real World Reviews of the agiprodj Wireless Speaker Systems

Since first introducing the Wireless Speaker Broadcast solutions on our YouTube channel over 2 years ago hundreds of DJs and production companies have embraced and implemented the technology to simplified they way they set up their powered speaker systems.  The videos have been viewed close to a quarter of a million times.  We wanted to share with you some of the reviews the system has received.

Although is did not develop the wireless speaker broadcast technology, through hundred of hours of testing products and combinations of hardware we believe we have found the most reliable and best method to send your audio signal wirelessly to a powered speaker.  

We have posted several videos on these systems on our YouTube Channel that you can check out.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to get DJs across the country set up with these Wireless Speaker Systems.  This system gives you tools to set up sound in ways and areas you would have never considered in the past with the use of cables.

Please read the following reviews if you are considering whether these would be a good choice for you in your business. 

by Bertrand Blank / DJ By the Bay   

I bought this product along with the 2 transmitter and 1 receivers, this product is absolutely AWESOME!!! To anyone who wants a completely wireless speaker system, this is the product for you. I purchased two of these just last month and have used it twice (once in a wedding this past weekend and at a huge fund raising event for Oakland's Children's Hospital). I'm a complete sound freak and would never settle for second best.

Rick at agiprodj was able to give me great recommendations on gain and sensitivity levels appropriate for my application. The quality of sound from my wireless speakers were identical to that of my wired ones. I am completely sold on this product for wireless speaker application.

Aside from the wireless speaker application, this product is able to serve to as a lapel mic, or hook up to your camera.

If you had any doubts before, lay them to rest, this product works flawlessly and Rick hooked me up with the best price and extra wiring that no other store will provide

Thanks Guys!

DJ Bert

by Jim Weisz Discovery DJ & Lighting    

After watching some of agiprodj’s YouTube videos on wireless sound, I was excited to get this system. I had previously been using a system where I had to mount a bulky receiver on the top of my remote speaker to achieve wireless sound. So it was very appealing to me to have a system consisting totally off body packs since they run off batteries and are much more compact.

First off, I was VERY impressed with the letter I received with the system going through all the settings of the system in a concise, easy to read manner. It was basically like a cliff's notes version of the manual, but better since it gave AGI's recommended settings, which helped immensely!

The first time I used this system was running a wireless speaker about 200 feet from my main system. I was outside & the speaker was inside, yet it performed flawlessly. The venue was very impressed I had the wireless speaker since no other DJ had done that at the venue before. I was a little worried about interference since this venue seems to have issues with wireless mics, but there wasn't any interference or issues whatsoever.

I was so happy with it I'm planning on getting another receiver or two in the future so I can run more than one wireless speaker if needed. AGI's customer service is amazing and this system is amazing too--what a great combination!

by Brian Heisler   

This is a great product! I use it outside across a football field. I am at the far end of the field a good 60+ feet behind the goal post where I have my mains on stage, around the 50 yard line I have my powered speakers running on this wireless set. No drop out, clear sounding, and way better than the old phonic set I used in the past.

Not only is this a great setup, the support from the staff is amazing. They not only answer questions before hand of the product, the after purchase support is amazing as well! They care about the customers’ needs and have great follow-up. A lot of places have gotten away from this kind of support once you buy a product. I am glad to see there is still some great dealers that care about their customers and not just trying to make a quick buck and leave you stranded with something that doesn't fit your needs or doesn't work the way you wanted it to. Just based on customer service alone, I would buy from them again.


by Andrew Thomas

What a great system! I got the Wireless Speaker System 2 on a Thursday, and used it Saturday for the Georgia State Championship Road Race (Cycling). Very fast, simple setup, with clear instructions on a sheet from Rick.

The race organizer wanted a remote speaker at the start line, at least 100' from the DJ table, across a busy parking lot. There was no way I could have safely run XLR cable to that speaker; with over 300 cyclists, plus family, all the bikes and vehicular traffic in the parking lot...

I plugged the transmitter into the QSC K10 I had close to my table, about 10' up in the air. The receiver went on the other K10, out beside the road and start line, which I plugged into the venue's road-side sign for electrical power. It worked wonderfully! The race organizer was thrilled, as I could make announcements and remind the competitors of the course race-specific rules, rather than him having to repeat it over and over. The first couple of groups were so big, there was no other way they could have everyone hear the instructions, unless he walked along the group and repeated it every few feet.

The following Thursday, I used the unit again, this time with the lavalier mic, for a wedding and the XLR Plug On for the toasts. Two days later, used it again for another wedding. Worked wonderfully!

The only thing I regret was not just buying the Wireless Speaker System 4, as now I will probably be wishing I had an extra set of wireless units. Oh well, I guess I can add another System 2, and the remote AC power adapters for long events.

I would definitely recommend this system

by Ryan Keller / Audio-PRO Mobile DJ Entertainment    

If you’re looking for a solution to transmit wireless audio to remote speakers, look no further!

For many years I struggled with having to run long XLR cables in and around event locations. As a mobile wedding DJ, this product allows for total flexibility with remote speaker placement. If your events require audio to be transmitted to multiple rooms, distant locations, or even in the same room....this is the solution. The quality of the audio is top notch and the transmitters and receivers are very durable and easy to use.

The only item that has taken some time to get used to is the DB adjustments on both the transmitter and receivers. It takes a few trials, but each event gets easier as I get more familiar with the system.

The speakers placed on the the balcony are utilizing the wireless system 3 with two transmitters and 2 receivers

Ryan has even written about this system on his own blog.

If you would like more information on the Wireless Speaker Systems from agiprodj please click on any of the images for the system that best suits your needs. 

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