Thursday, July 18, 2013

Powered Speaker HQ. Sale Prices until 7/22/13

At we take great pride in choosing the best and most reliable gear to sell which is a task we take very seriously.  Construction of the cabinets, quality of sound, technology, warranty and a proven track record of success all go into consideration.   The following brands meet that criteria when it comes to active or self powered speakers.

You can feel confident with any of these options, and for a limited time buy them at amazing low prices.  

Check them out !

QSC with the self powered K Series, KW Series and KLA

JBL Professional with the PRX600, EON and VRX Line Array

ElectroVoice offers the ELX, ZLX and ZXA Powered Speakers 

Yamaha DXR and DSR active Speakers 

Cerwin Vega P Series Powered Speakers

Mackie has hit a home run with the DLM speakers.

We are inviting you to save big on any of these brands, all you need to do is call, email, use any of the social media connections to get a great price that is lower than Web prices. 

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