Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Change in Lighting

On the agiprodj.com team we have a great bunch of guys with strengths and passion for different elements of the business.  Meet Kevin "DJ Shmoo" considered to be the biggest resident light geek we have, we asked him to fill us in on what gear he is into right now.

I had the privilege of being a mobile DJ more most of the past 27 years and I think I have owned light fixtures from nearly every brand who has made a DJ effect light.  But I had not been that excited about newer fixtures in a while, until recently.  In my opinion the major lighting companies have launched some great innovations and products for the mobile DJ industry and brought event production type lighting into a price point that nearly any DJ can get his hands on.

I want to share some of the more recent additions to my rig and tell you why I chose it over the other similar lights and what I replaced.  Being the resident "light geek" around the shop I have what you might call an addiction to blinky twirly things.

Here is a quick list of my more recent lights.
Circus 2.0 - Intimidator Spot Duo - Intimidator Spot 350 - LFS-5 - InnoRoll  - SnowBank - X-Laser Mobile Beat MK5 - Mega Go Bar 50 and soon to be adding the Quad phase HP.  

Although the Circus 2.0 from Chauvet and the Fun Factor from American DJ are nearly the same light I prefer the Circus with its smoother lines and as I call it the Tony Stark ring of white LED's

The Intimidator Duo is just simply cool and compact I have not had an opportunity to use these at an event yet but for smaller school dances or parties these will be great op top of or just below a speaker.  Two of these linked will make a great easy to set up light show.  The other thing I would love to do with these is put 4 or 8 of these on a 10 X 10 truss system and use DMX to hit a mirror ball in the middle and run chase patterns.  It will take some time programming but it would be totally worth it.  

For the last few years I gone through a few moving head fixtures trying to settle on one that was LED and bright enough to do they types of things I wanted them to.  My plan was to be able to do custom monograms, as well as cake table lighting and still be able to keep energy and movement on my dance floor.  I recently switched from the QSpot-260 to the slightly brighter Intimidator Spot 350.  Side by side on paper they were pretty close but, the QSpot 260 did offer two gobo wheels that did create some very nice effects but for my applications I felt they were not needed.  I found that for me programming the 350 was a little easier compared to the 260.

Sometimes the option of using a moving head or scanner for a gobo isn't the best choice, we  added the LFS-5 and have used it for photo monograms as well as accent lighting a fountain. 

The Inno Roll was a big time replacement for a 15 year old barrel mirror effect from Chauvet that I have been using since it was new.  I have always liked using two of the barrel mirror effects for getting lots of light onto the dance floor.  The Inno Roll is super bright and really packs the floor with beams and color.  Although I am starting to geek out a little for the ADJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R. I wish I had video of this to show just how awesome it is.

I added the Snowbank from Blizzard this past winter.  We do a bunch of middle school dances that the administration has asked us to get a little more light on the floor during the dance.  We did not want to compromise the fun and energy of the light show by having the school turn perimeter lights on which would wash out our lighting.  The SnowBank is wickedly bright we use 1 set on slow fade on an LT-99BL at full extension 12 ft and it covers the entire floor with color.  You can also set it to sound active but I thought it strobed too much.  If you are a DMX master you can program each of the 16 quad color LEDs in chase patterns..

One of my favorite additions was the Mobile Beat RGB Laser from X-Laser.  Back in the day we had a green and red beam table with 9 mirrors that bounced really dim beams around the room.  With the Mobile Beat and the Pangolin Quickshow Software I can make custom logos for clients, put scrolling text across the sky, and even produce my own laser animation show. I will be honest and say that I have not been the best at selling this as an upgrade but I sure do enjoy sowing off with it.

The last addition to the light rig as we are prepping for prom season is the Mega Go bar 50s.  We picked up 18 of these to use for everything from under cake tables, up-lighting, and color wash.  What can I tell you they are built well, run on battery and have an IR remote.  It is kinda a "no brainer."

I am going to include a link to each of the items listed, and if you have any questions please feel free to visit agiprodj.com and use our live chat tool any time.

We are proud to be authorized dealers for every brand we carry, and we put service first with every transaction.  Making sure you have the right gear or solution for the job, rather than just selling you what is available right now.

Chauvet Circus 2.0
Intimidator Spot Duo
Intimidator Spot 350
X-Laser Mobile Beat MK5
Mega Go Bar 50 
and soon to be adding the Quad phase HP

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