Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finding a Source for Great Remixes

Whether you are a bedroom DJ looking to hone your skills, a seasoned veteran slaying the dance floor in the clubs, or a producer of a radio mix show you need to know about the Mixshowtools Digital music pool.

Every week Mixshowtools fills your inbox with opportunities to have the freshest new tracks, classic retro hits,  special edits, and all with great intros perfect for blending, or looping.  The give you the time you need to talk up the ramp of the track and hit the post every time.   Even if your mix sets don't have for room for talking you can still count on Mixshowtools to fill your crates with real usable content.

With the rapid growth and popularity of Video DJ sets they have you covered there too.   With multiple email blasts you can count on having plenty of new videos to drop on your crowd every weekend.

Here are some quotes from actual users as found on the mixshowtools website. 

" I'm using the intro versions of the songs for my on-air dj's to have intro's to talk over and introduce NEW SONGS! Thank you for all the tracks and keep em' coming! "
Short-E , Music Director, KBMB, 103.5 The Bomb, Sacramento, California 

"MixshowTools really helps my editing process....Where else can you get music already edited with dj friendly intros plus its emailed to you....I wake up, check my email and BAM, there are mp3s that I can actually use and serato ready......With serato taking over the dj scene djs are looking for that edge. MixshowTools gives djs that edge!!!!!!!!"
Mark Mac, Mixshow Coordinator, KXJM, Jammin 95, Portland, Oregon

"Thanks a lot for the tracks man they really help specially when I don't have the instrumentals yet or when I wanna do a quick transition with your intros keep the coming!"
DJ Eddie One, Mixshow Coordinator, KXOL - Latino 96.3 FM, Los Angeles, CA, SIHJ - Sirius 50 Hot Jamz, and Heavy Hitters LA

"It’s the musical equivalent of having the newspaper delivered right to your doorstep!"
Dan Morrell, DJ/Mixmaster, B96, Chicago, Illinois

" staff: I will like to personally thank you guys for such a great service, and to thank you for giving up your times to come out with such great intros, as a mix show dj it has made my live mixing so easy - keep up the great job! "
DJ Tony O, KVVZ, La Kalle 105.7, San Francisco, California

" Yo for real I love, they put clean 32 intro's on all the latest tracks, they even make them for some tracks in which we don't get the instrumental... it definitely helps me for radio I don't have to go from Instrumental to the single with the intro's its right into the song and on to the next, plus they save me a whole lot of time I don't have to make the intro's myself, I know half the dj's can agree with me, you need for all of us dj's that use serato now... times change and it looks like they stayed with the times... "
DJ Knuckles, Mixer, 106 KMEL, San Francisco, California, Sirius Satellite, E-Feezy Radio

" I must say that your service is superb. As a radio talent, producer of our mixshow and also music research dept, your service is a tool in knowing what's in and also in making the hits. Please continue to send these tools that help my radio station evolve to the next level. Once again Thank You!!! "
DJ Monstrocity, on-air jock/ mixer, La Kalle 103.1 and 93.5 fm in Chicago, Illinois

"This site keeps getting better and better... the music is very diverse for anty type of DJ... current and recurrent! ... The edits and remixes are now a part of my everyday use!"
Jose Melendez, Mix Show coordinator, WILD 94.9 / KYLD, San Francisco, CA

" staff. I will like to personally thank you guys for such a great service, and to thank you for giving up your times to come out with such great intros, as a mix show dj it has made my live mixing so easy - keep up the great job!"
DJ Tony O, KVVZ, La Kalle 105.7, San Francisco, California

" has been a lifesaver for us. The genre that we represent very rarely has an intro to the songs. has made that possible. Today our jocks are able to front sell the songs, which is critical for our listeners to know the artist and song. With intros, it makes it easy to do. Thanks keep up the awesome job!"
Tony Santos/PD (Tony En La Tarde) KLLE La Kalle 107.9, Fresno, California

"Mixshow is the only service that delivers hyper-targeted tracks right to my inbox. I can put 'em in the mix from the minute I download 'em."
Boomer Davis, program/music director, Club 96.7, KZAP, Chico, California

"Mixshow tools is awesome we ask them to provide an intro for a new song that comes out and it is completed right away. They are a great asset to the radio/club industry, they will be around for a very long time!"
DJ D-ROC, mixshow coordinator, 102.5 KDON, Salinas, California

"I love the fact you guys send INTROS!!! Saves me so much time! With promotions/mixshow and the other jobs I hold down at the station, this keeps me coming clean during my mixes! Plus, mp3 straight to my email! All I gotta do is download and get to mixing."
DJ JERM, mixshow DJ, KXJM, Jammin 95, Portland, Oregon

"Enjoy all the extended dj edits that come right to my inbox & the ease of downloading them & playing them that same day!"
DJ 4-Eleven, 103.3 The Vibe, KVYB, Ventura, California

" MixshowTOOLS is the ISHH!! i love checking my email and recieving new records with intros included. Mixshowtools does the jobs most of us Djs dont want to do. They have saved me many times! Please continue! Its greatly appreciated! "
DJ Juan Burgandy, weekday 5pm mixer 102.5 KDON, bumsquad djz

" mixshowTOOLS is the shit! I get tons of e-mails everyday with music. All I look for is tracks we can use and mixshowTOOLS are really the only e-mails I look for because I know they will send me tracks I can download in the morning and play on the air on my noon time Lunch Break mixshow. Keep hitting us up with those high quality, DJ friendly MP3s "
DJ Rene "C" Cardenas
Director of Creative / Mixshow Coordinator
KBBT 98.5 The Beat
Univision Radio
San Antonio, TX.

" Thank you for all the intro versions of songs, it reallly helps out all of my mixers, and I even use some of them as intros for my on-air jocks to talk over. The downloads are quick and easy, definitely worry-free. I just click and bam they are right there ready to use. I really appreciate it. Thank you. "
Dray Lopez
Program Director
KSXY Hot98.7

" Mixshowtools keeps me in the loop with all the new music. The dj intro's are a huge help. Keep the music coming. Thanks. "
Dj Jose Ochoa,Mixshow Coordinator,Kewb Power 94.7, Redding, CA

" "" Is by far the best service I've ever had!! They're always coming thru with the latest & hottest radio/club hits that radio-mixshow/club dj's need. The best part... All the tracks are all dj friendly and ready to load into serato!! Where else can you get clean 8bar intro tracks, Instrumentals, Accapellas Sent direct to you for free? No Where!! MixshowTools definitely give dj's that edge among others who don't use!! I've said this many times "YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST" "
DJ LX - Power Mixer (KPHW) Power 104.3 - Honolulu Hawaii, Hit Mixer (KJMD) Da Jam 98.3 - Maui Hawaii, MixDoctors Online Radio Mixshow - Hawaii

" Got to send love out to to the good people at mixshow tools. Thanks for the intros they really help me out! and save me time on making them myself.. lol ! "
Hamm "Hammburger" Music Director, KBBT, 98.5 THE BEAT, San Antonio, Texas

" Mixshowtools are great. They really come in handy, when i dont have enough time to make an intro myself, i know i can count on them. Mixshowtools are always on top of there game.Thanks "
Dj Sol - 5 O'clock Traffic Jam, KWWV - WILD 106.1 FM, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, MIXAHOLICS

" YO you guys make it way to easy for me to do my Job, its one less task I have to worry bout!! Thankz for the great intros!!! and...keep'm coming! "
KSEQ Q97 (97.1) / KYZZ JAMMIN 97.9

" My mixers told me about MixshowTOOLS. And after using it myself now I understand why. You guys provide a great service! Thank you! "
Rico Garcia, Program Director, KEWB-FM, Power 94, Redding, CA is proud to support and endorse mixshowtools as a preferred music service helping to keep our staff of  DJs and the global DJ community armed with great tools for the Mix.

Learn more about how MixShowTools can help you elevate your game visit them here.

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