Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Electro Voice ZLX Powered and Passive Speakers in stock

EV ZLX 12" and 15" In stock (new video)

There seems to be a trend with Electro Voice when it comes to NAMM.  For the past two years they have unveiled powered speakers that not only peaked our interest but truly perform well.  This video over view shows some of the features.  Look for our other video as well as the Demo room video to come in later blog posts.

Shipping Spring 2013, EV announced the new ZLX series at NAMM 2013. We were super impressed with this series, enough so that we filmed two different videos on the series to get two different EV employee perspectives. Be sure to watch them both!

With ZLX, Electro-Voice set out with a singular goal: to deliver best-in-class performance across every detail.

ZLX combines decades of proven pro-audio engineering know-how with a bold new look and user-friendly features that give you an extraordinary amount of control over your sound -- all with the renowned EV quality and reliability the pros trust.

Available in powered and passive 12- and 15-inch two-way versions and perfect for use as either mains or monitors, ZLX represents a new standard for musicians, DJs, and all performers looking for more from a portable

UPDATE* After hearing these outside of the controlled environment of the Ev Booth, these still sound pretty amazing.  They maybe fall short when it come to sound support for a large venue or big outdoor event, but you would never only use a pair for something like that, but 4 tops and 4 subs would certainly do the trick in most applications.

Now in stock, looking to buy please click Here

Here is a recent review from a more than happy owner of these ZLX Speakers
by Mike Mireles Date Added: May 23, 2013
Let me begin by saying when it comes down to it, I had been shopping endlessly for some great compact and punch-like speakers for a while. I have owned several brands of Powered Speakers from Samson to Alto to JBL to now EV!! I had been shopping on several websites getting price comparisons but would always tried to be upsold or pushed on to buy them NOW from other companies.

When I landed upon AGI PRO DJ, I was welcomed by Kevin, DJ B, and DJ Ty; great guys at the company! They are not here to upsell and rather help you understand what you like, help you with a great offer point, and give you all the information needed. When I checked out with Kevin, he was more than pleasant and was very personable: THANK YOU KEVIN!!!!

As a Mobile DJ, these are the speakers for the application. The speakers are great and light weight. They are easy to carry and mount on speaker stands and can make them even easier is using my new Ultimate Support Air Stands.

Their settings: LIVE_ MUSIC_ CLUB is amazing too! There are so many great things about this speaker. Would I encourage other people to buy this, OH HELL YEAH! As a mobile DJ these were a great buy and look forward to buying two more, along with other accessories.

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